Appvn: Step By Step Guide On How To Change The Default Language Of Appvn!

Appvn is the alternative of the Google Play store. It is almost similar to the other third-party app store. Third party apps mostly facilitate the apps which are otherwise inaccessible. Appvn contains numerous apps that are mainly hacked apps or tweaked apps that are most popular and in demands and these apps are great in their function and using them is a huge fun. You can download multiple apps through Appvn for free; also the premium apps are available for free. It works across various platforms and has facilitated the users with the different operating system such as Android, Windows, and iOS. Appvn is super easy to use and has the proper search bar for searching your favorite or desired app speedily and accurately.

Appvn Apk


It was a concern that this Appvn is available in Vietnamese language, then how we can access that. You will be happy to know that there is language change option, by which you can change the language and avail the facilities of the marvelous app store which grants access to all the popular apps for free. Below is the mentioned procedure by which you could easily change the preferred language.

How to Change Default Language in Appvn

To change the default language, you need to follow the mentioned steps, so that you can change the language and also you can use the Appvn app store conveniently.

The steps are as follows-

  • The first thing you have to do is to download and install Appvn Apk for android.
  • Make a check, in which language it appears.
  • Next, you need to click on the button at the top left.
  • You will now notice that the sidebar appears with the menu on screen
  • Now to open the settings menu, click on the seventh tab
  • Next for the language settings, just click on the third tab
  • Now from the pop-up menu, simply select ‘English’.
  • You are now done, your app will now display in English.


We have now came to know that there is a language changing an option in Appvn and what special features it possess and how you can easily change the language and avail the unlimited fun of the various hacked and tweaked apps. You can now enjoy the advanced versions of the game and can access the amazing TV shows and wonderful comic and eBooks for free. You can have this Appvn app store on different platforms by using different operating systems. Just give a try to this super amazing Appvn app store and move into the world of advanced and mind-blowing apps.